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21 years in the making

Kronstadt goes back 21 years to a time when founder Thomas Olesen had spotted a gap in the Scandinavian fashion scene.

The bohemian dane created a collection of shirts with wide collars, broad cuffs and cool materials. The response was overwhelming and an upcoming brand was born.

After a few years Kronstadt was known for their “funky” shirts with unique and outstanding designs.

The name comes from the Russian town famous for its uprising against the Bolsheviks in 1920’s and the punk band Kronstadt Uprising.

At the beginning of the new millenium Thomas Olesen changed his focus from funky shirts to good fits, discrete detail and classic collars, always keeping quality at top.

Kronstadt expanded its line of clothes to include tees, pants, jackets, knits and focusing on Recycled cotton.

Being acutely aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, Thomas Olesen very early on began using recycled cotton in the manufacturing process, 15 years ago. Cotton recycling prevents unnecessary wastage and can be a more sustainable alternative to disposal.

We believe in taking care of second-hand yarn. In our collections we have many styles that are made of recycled cotton.

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Rethink, reduce, reuse

Among our range of sustainable/recycled clothing you will find t-shirts, sweatshirts, a wide array of knitwear and even jackets produced with Recycled cotton or plastic bottles.

We think this is brilliant. You can recognize our Recycled program by the special green hang tag.

Meet Navey

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Recycled cotton

Navey is made out of 100 % recycled cotton

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Perfect fit

A regular fit ensures that you can wear it all day, every day

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Color combinations

Navey comes in four different color combinations. Which one is yours?

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