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Suzette Grosen - January 8 2021

Kronstadt x Remar

Clueless of what the destiny beholds for him, Morten Remar started translating his loneliness into an artistic expression. A mere effort for survival that was destined to be famous in the coming years.

Morten was born in Gentofte and brought up in North Zealand by a bipolar mother and an alcoholic father. Morten's early schooling experience was more of survival as he paved his way through years of bullying into an unpromising high school experience with limited exposure.

Loneliness served as Morten’s one true companion throughout the years. Replacing this void with creativity, he channelled his expressions into the art of different sorts – be it drawing, writing, singing, playing music. 

Art as a directionless escape

During all the life chaos, Morten had one clear vision – his love for arts. Due to lack of direction, Morten stepped into different artistic expressions from drawing and music, to writing. His skilled hand in drawing finally got him into the Art Academy. It wasn't till he gained interest in drawing comics that he dropped out. The decision to dropout added further to his loneliness while triggering his creativity to write beautifully sensitive poems and songs.

After high school, Morten moved to Elsinore, where he ventured into the music industry. He formed the band 'Bon-Bon' which released a single LP on a German record company – just before it went bankrupt. In 1986, Morten formed the duo 'Back to Back' with Nis Bøgvad which still stands five albums strong and diligently tours the country. 'Back to Back' has a new English single, written by Lukas Graham and Brandon Beal, in the making. Later on, he started working as a web producer at DR and made his living by songwriting.

Writing came to Morten after a few years, but this was something he was passionate about. He made his writer debut in 2016 with a crime novel and to date, this was followed up with five more successful publications, and the sixth is in the making. 

List of Morten’s crime novels:

● Amok (2016)
● Detonator (2017)
● The Trackless (2018)
● Shadow Murder (2019)
● Scalp (2020) 

Diversity as a second nature

Morten has an experimental nature when it comes to picking a line of work. In the past 40 years, he has worked in a diverse set of portfolios such as a bicycle bidder, an advertising designer, a magazine layout organizer, a musician, a songwriter, a composer, a producer, a children's TV host, a soloist, a music studio owner, a record company owner, a web designer, a web journalist, a science journalist, a podcast producer, an audiobook reader, a lecturer, a high school teacher, and an author.

“I feel best in my own company, I could say, but it does not fit. I also love being a part of something bigger - in my case, a band, a racing team, a football team, a family.''

After high school, Morten facilitated the opening of the country’s first baseball club. His participation encouraged several Danish Championships and appearances on Denmark's first national team. Adding to his sports exposure, Martin drove go-karts and race cars at an amateur level from 1997 – 2012. This experience culminated with achieving 2nd position twice at the Scandinavian Ferrari Challenge series.

Amid this roller coaster, Morten met his wife in 2000 and started a family. The couple currently resides in Viborg with their children Frida (13), Sigurd (12) and Anton (10). 

Today, Morten feels that he has successfully experienced life at its best with photos, awards and album covers to show for - as he sits in his "multikrea room". A room in his basement is set up as a furnished writing workshop and music studio – surrounded by photos of the cars he raced in, album covers of his releases, musical instruments, and sound equipment.

Morten still plays veteran football twice a week, writes five days a week and performs at countrywide concerts on Fridays and Saturdays.

Take a writer’s word for It

Morten is not only a passionate writer but an enthusiastic reader as well. He suggests below some of the gems that have caught his interest recently:

● Currently reading – ‘Meters in The Second’ by Stine Pilgaard.
● Favorite reads – ‘Detective stories’ by Lars Kjædegaard, Michael Katz Krefeld, Jon Nesbø (Harry Hole), and Henning Mankel (Wallander)
● Book recommendation for Fall – Lars Kjædegaard's miniseries about investigator Agnes Hillstrøm
● Book recommendation from Jakob Fink series – "Shadow Murder" and "Scalp"

Morten is currently working on the third book from the Jakob Fink series, who has moved to the small Danish town of Viborg and becomes involved in a deadly case with headless corpses, where he is suspected.

Kronstadt x Remar; a dynamic collaboration

Morten, with his experimental nature, loves to become part of happening ventures! When he was approached to become an ambassador for Kronstadt, he agreed right away.
Morten has a distinct personality that caters to a musician, a writer, a footballer, and a racer. At Kronstadt, Morten can find articles that compliment his versatile personality – ranging from the sophisticated navy blue Bobby Parka coat to chic Chelsea Suede.

Sophistication topped up with funk is Morten Remar’s way to hit go - out of the dynamic clothing options Kronstadt offers, Morten has picked his favourites. The Bobby parka - navy coat is his go-to upper option for a casual outfit. To finish off his looks Morten chooses Chelsea Suede in black colour! It adds the perfect flavour to his attire, also suiting his vibe. 

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